Toronto Comics Art Festival

Jewish Comics Anthology is showing our work at TCAF – The Toronto Comics Art Festival and I will be there  to sign copies of the book and talk about the  artistic process. I hope to see you all there Saturday May 9th 3 PM to 5 PM at  Toronto Reference Library 

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) exists to promote the breadth and diversity of comics, and what is considered comics, as a legitimate medium of literary and artistic worth. We seek to promote the creators of these works in their broad and diverse voices, for the betterment of the medium of comics and to reach as wide an audience for them as possible.

Illustration thesis process

Illustration representing the artificial importation of cats to Greece that lead to cats becoming a prominent part of the greek tourist culture and historic landmarks and landscapes.

Illustration demonstrating the migration of manatees into the Florida coast due to global warming that is resulting in colder arctic waters that make the manatees seek warmer waters and in particular into factory dump site pools. I took a humorist anthropomorphized approach for this series that is aimed to draw attention in a comical lighter astatic to the adaptations that animals make to human made infrastructures.